The good, the bad, and the goodbye 

That’s all, folks. 

6 months total and it ended faster than I thought it would. It also surprised me with how warm this group truly is in spite of some… hiccups. 

It got me to thinking about the last few assignments I’ve been on. Politics exist in every hospital and I’ve really started to come to grips with the fact that I cannot avoid politics. There’s going to be something at every place I dislike. There’s also going to be nurses at every assignment who will rub me wrong. It doesn’t/shouldn’t change my perception of my ability or the care I deliver. 

I realized, too, that in spite of my occasional annoyances, I’ve never truly been on an assignment where I worried about delivering safe care. And while many were slow to warm up, I never felt like I wasn’t liked by the large majority of the people I worked with. Looking at it from that perspective, I can say I’d come back if the opportunity presented itself. No promises because traveling is as changeable as the wind, but there it is. 

I find that assignments that give me the hardest starts tend to be the places I make the deepest connections. I’ll miss a lot of people I’m leaving in the Bay Area. 

I always come to work and that won’t change as I gear up for my next assignment. I’m headed back to my beloved Mass. Plymouth, specifically. Admittedly, I have my usual new place anxieties to work though, but I live for new beginnings. 

So to those I’ve crossed paths with thus far, know you’ve made an impact and I’ll see you soon. 

On to the next big thing. 

Travel on, road warriors. 


Traveling, too? Comment away

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