Won’t you come in?

Galley Beach

I’ve been traveling for a year and a half so I’m not sure the sudden compulsion to document my thoughts, but here we are.

Part of me feels like I’m alone and need to be grounded in something and writing has always kept me grounded. It’s funny that I’d choose blogging when it seems like everyone blogs and posts their ramblings on Facebook. Still there’s something to be said for having a place to be open and honest.

Honesty may be talking about my life on the road, talking about my daily struggles with my spirituality, or writing a story or poem. I’m evolving and I wanted to invite others to find and explore with me in a safe and straightforward way. Funny, tactless at times, candid, and honest above all.

So, let’s see what I get up to, shall we?


Traveling, too? Comment away

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